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Reflector System

Inflow of natural light

For modern people who have a lot of indoor life, natural light that comes into the indoor makes life vigorous for them.

From this point of view, the inflow of natural light into the interior is very important not only for lighting but also for architectural purposes.

By accurate relationship analysis of solar movement and geographical positional, and understanding of architecture, we apply the reflector system to bring the natural light to the deeper part of the indoor to provide a healthier and livelier space and energy saving effect.

Louver System

More comfortable natural light

The Reflector System bring light into the indoor through the reflection of light, but the louver system creates more comfortable natural light by controlling the direct sunlight coming through the window or open space..

Direct sunlight is a very intense light that gives life, but it can also cause discomfort. The Louver System provides comfortable and soft natural light by controlling the direct sunlight through the reflection and diffusion optical mechanism design through analyzing and simulating the movement of the sun about the shape and the geographical position of the building and the weather situation.

Artificial Daylight System

Make natural light

Since natural light is the most important element of human being, it is also very important to understand and reproduce its characteristics.

Rayhouse has developed artificial light that can represent high color rendering(Ra) at various color temperature(K). These hi-tech technologies provide light that is suitable for use in photo studios, presentation rooms, and coloring rooms.

In addition, we are striving to provide a comfortable and beautiful lighting environment by applying artificial daylight system to residential space.

Natural & Artificial Lighting System

Future Lighting Solutions

NAL SYSTEM is a system that integrates solutions for natural light and artificial lighting.

The proper combination of natural light control and artificial light including natural light characteristics will provide a more comfortable and economical lighting environment.

Based on RayHouse’s philosophy, NAL SYSTEM provides a new and comfortable lighting environment through continuous development.