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Optimized for external environments

LED Lighting

We create a more stable lighting system with a rational design that optimizes the performance and benefits of LEDs, the versatility to fit the purpose, and the strong durability to overcome harsh environments.
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The best of optical technology

Flood Lighting

The lighting fixture design that optimizes the advantages of conventional discharge lamps And fluorescent lamps, and the optical design that expresses various lighting topics, enables wide lighting design.
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For comfortable road environment

Design Pole & Bollard

Refined design in harmony with the surrounding environment and light distribution to fit the purpose provide a afer and more comfortable road environment for pedestrians and vehicles.

Be with nature

Solar System

Our solar lighting system can be applied where electric construction is difficult and energy saving is needed. Despite the large volume of solar panels and batteries, we have a unique design for a differentiated space.
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Space art drawn by light

Lighting Design

After a clear understanding of the purpose and space, we create a comfortable and beautiful lighting environment through technology, extensive data, design experience of field, and passion for light.

Showing the result

Lighting Simulation

Lighting simulation is a very important part of lighting design. We provide accurate simulation results using a variety of software to verify the suitability of the lighting design.

moving mind

Lighting Contents

Unlike regular content, lighting content should reflect the understanding of light and lighting systems. As a professional lighting content creator, we will be able to create more differentiated lighting contents by utilizing various experiences and materials to make it more fun and inspiring.
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Sound and video in one

Sound Visualization

The combination of video and sound can give us  a richer feeling and emotion. We use a variety of software and hardware to create a vivid and fantastic space by harmony of sound and light.
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Creation of new value

Media Facade

In the evening of darkness, the appearance of building gradually disappears, and building buried in the dark forgets the trace. Through various media facade techniques, we create new value and identity by making a differentiated building in the dark.
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Create a fantasy space

Projection Mapping

By projecting images on the surface of a building or sculpture, the surface has virtual images and has new characteristics. We create more exciting space using this technique on media facade design.
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Inflow of natural light

Daylight System

Depending on the season, time, air condition and structure of the building, effective control of natural light can save energy and make a lively space.

To highlight the space

Lighting Public Design

At various facilities used in public spaces, we propose a special design that combines facilities and lighting to harmonize with space and various facilities.